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RECOTOX, Research sites network in ECotoxicology-TOXicology to monitor, understand and mitigate the eco-toxicological impacts of pollutants in socio-agro-ecosystems

RECOTOX is a network of pre-existing and already instrumented research sites with the ambition to monitor, understand and mitigate the eco-toxicological impacts of pollutants in socio-agro-ecosystems. RECOTOX’s goal is to organize and ramp up observations and experimentations in ecotoxicology and toxicology from the perspective of the fate-exposure-impacts chain applied to pesticides, to support public policy. This network, in relation with the research infrastructure AnaEE-France, is composed of instrumented sites, most of these currently labelled in observatories for research in environment (SOERE RZA, SOERE RBV and PNACC), located on the whole French territory (metropolitain and overseas France) and Tunisia. Thanks to its wide diversity of sites, RECOTOX is able to cover a full range of socio-agro-ecosystem types  with a very nice coverage of all biogeographical  gradients. RECOTOX thus offers transversal thematic approaches as it aims at coordinating and structuring knowledge in ecotoxicology and toxicology, providing a monitoring tool. It also aims to link RECOTOX sites in order to allow process analyses with upscaling spatial and temporal scales and contents, and provide experimental tools at various spatial scales, from mesocosm to landscapes.

RECOTOX objectives are to :

  • Coordinating, achieving synergy and structuring research to provide a better monitoring and understanding  of the pressures to impacts chain,
  • Improve the organization and coordination of the data as well as their open access,
  • Ensure the consistency of the data and encourage the harmonization of methods and protocols,
  • Foster the valorization and the transfer of the results, as well as the national and international initiatives.

RECOTOX, is supported by AllEnvi and co-carried by INRA, Irstea and CNRS-INEE.

03 July 2023

By: Julie Berthou

News from the ECOTOX seminar

News from the ECOTOX seminar
The RECOTOX site is currently being created !

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